Planning the 2011 season

Wow, much has happened this first year of the market! A big thanks is due to everyone that made it such a success—vendors, volunteers and patrons alike! We have made many friends and learned many lessons about how to make a new market work.

Now for some more good news. The Portland Neighborhood Small Grant that allowed us to come into our first year of existence has been renewed for a second year! So we offer a sincere “thank you” to Central Northeast Neighbors and the city of Portland for making this possible.

Whats next? Well, the first thing you might have noticed is the name change. We are now the “Cully Community Market”. Changing “Collective” to “Community” made more sense in regard to our focus. There will also be some changes soon to come in our website that will reflect our evolution and hopefully make your visits here more enjoyable and constructive.

In addition, the market itself will be even more grand than before with some special additions to the mix that should make us an event not to miss! This is where I should mention our solid core of volunteers that have been the backbone of of the whole show. Some are veterans of the farmers market scene, others are completely new to this, but all are part of what makes this market special. Together we are putting together the plans for the 2011 season as we sit sheltered from the Portland winter by warming fires.

Please remember, we are an all volunteer operation, which means that we are always welcoming to those who might want to help out in any way they feel most comfortable. Would you like to help set up or break down the market with us? Want to welcome visitors? Direct traffic? Dress up in a big carrot costume and dance by the entrance? Just kidding about that last one… sort of. Get in touch with us and we’ll make you part of a community.


2 comments to Planning the 2011 season

  • Ellen Houx

    Hi – I have a small farm in La Center, Washington, The Dancing Chicken Farm. I am interested in being an egg vendor. Please let me know if you are interested.

    • admin

      Hi Ellen,

      The best way for us to know if you are a good fit for the market is to go through our application process, here: Manage My Market. There you can tell us everything that is important about your product, free range, organic, etc. We give preference to those in the Portland area, but we would certainly consider you. It is also important that you have all the appropriate licensing and insurance for our market. See more about those requirements here.

      Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you!


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